The corona (COVID) virus shutdowns/limitations/restrictions/etc  are all going on longer than any of us had ever thought.

I made these videos to help the lower belts see and learn the basic self-defense moves that they will learn "for real" when
we get to have normal class again. 

I made these in a hurry, so you could have SOMEthing at all to see.  I hope to remake these better when I have time.


Front Choke 1
They choke. You cross one hand OVER their arm, and then UNDER the other one. Put your hands together as shown and then
turn your whole body.

Front Choke 2
One hand comes up near their arm, as shown, your other hand extends to the pressure point in the neck and you turn.
Do this one *GENTLY* to your partner!!

Wrist Grabs 1 and 2
Partner grabs your wrist, straight across (same side, not cross hand). Reach over their thumb (so you don't fight against all their fingers)
Then grab your own hand, and pull it up to your opposite shoulder, as shown.
If they grab one of your wrists, with both their hands, it's the same escape. As shown.

Wrist Grab 2 on 2
Twist your wrists (as shown) up through the inside, and then raise your hands up by your ears.

There are also the bear-hug escapes for YELLOW belt, and I will have to film those and add them.